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Warning! For the most part, I will try to keep the following section spoiler-free. However, as the story advances, it may become impractical or even impossible to do this, since a description of the character that is limited only describing what we see of them in their first few strips will probably not be of much use to anybody.
As such, consider yourself warned if you have not yet finished reading the comic up to the current strip.

Frederic Sierrte

Frederic Sierrte
Age: 17
Having spent a decent portion of his life studying various forms of martial arts, Fred is constantly on the lookout for situations in which he can lend a hand. Granted, he frequently bursts into a situation without fully comprehending what is going on or what the consequences of his actions may be, but he always acts with the best intentions.

Christopher Trembrier

Christopher Trembrier
Age: 15
At first glance Chris is your average, everyday high school sophomore. He possesses a keen desire to learn the 'hidden meanings' behind anything that happens, and is inherantly distrustful of any motivation that doesn't quite add up... as well as any motivation the explains everything just a little bit too well.


Age: 14
Hot-headed and slightly impulsive, Sam is sometimes a bit too eager to share her opinions with the people who don't particularly care for them. Despite this, she is a rather kind person.

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